Wednesday, October 12, 2011

10/11/11 Added New Bridge Abutments and Started Detailing the New Industrial Area

Unlike the last set of Bridge Abutments I installed, these were a real challenge. The curvature of the lower loop left me very limited clearances and no room to work. Rather than fart around with building abutments from scratch I decided to buy these Chooch Enterprises stone abutments. Unfortunately the close clearence situation required a bit of kit bashing. I had to cut cut the end of one of the walls, which happen to be made out of cast resin. This made a mess. I then turned the cut-off piece 90 degrees and glued it back on with CA, which also made a mess. The final step in installation was to cut out the scenery and risers to allow the abutment to fit, which made a huge mess. For the other end of the bridge, I cut my losses and simply installed the abutment on a angle. Filed in the gaps with plaster cloth, repaired the scenery. These abutments are a definite improvement. Much more realistic.

I also bought some Woodland Scenics figure packs and some Classic Metal Works trucks for the welding supplier and farm supply company. I also painted the loading platform in the photo Floquil Rail Brown.

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