Tuesday, October 4, 2011

10/4/11 This 'n That

Well it looks like a celebrated too soon re: lower line electrical problems. Another dead spot cropped up. What's more is that said dead spot is actually a portion the track that was causing problems earlier! I spent a good bit of time farting around with the multimeter, crimping rail joiners and getting nowhere fast. But then all of the sudden the trains started running again. I don't know what I did but I'm not asking any questions. I must say this seasonal game of electrical wack-a-mole is getting a bit tiresome.

Speaking of wiring, a few weeks ago I decided to reconfigure the power leads for layout's lighting. All the light bulbs on this layout are wired to one of three barrier strips. Said strips are then wired to the power supply. Well I origionally took the leads from each strip, braided them and hooked them up. I finally decided I wanted something that was easier to deal with and allowed me more precise control. That's where this nifty little Atlas "connector box" comes in.

This bad boy takes a single set of leads from the power supply and divides it into three and gives me an on/off switch for each barrier strip. This is very useful for tracking down short circuits.

I did have one fun project and that was adding this sign to the AHM warehouse in the upper level industrial area.
The TruGrit Sandpaper Company is open for business. Their slogan "Famously Rough; Surprisingly Smooth" is a play of the slogan used by the Columbia, SC Convention & Visitor Bureau's slogan "Famously Hot Surprisingly Cool."

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