Saturday, October 1, 2011

9/21/11 More new crossing gates

After removing the toy-like Bachmann crossing gates from the lower level, I decided the ones up top had to go too. But I didn't feel like spending another $70 for NJ Int'ls and the requisite activators. So I dug through my box of unused layout stuff and found these Cornerstone crossing signals.

These things came unpainted so I started out by spraying them Testors metallic silver. Next I painted the light housings black and added red for the lights. The gates I used Testors red and white. I applied white to the entire length of the gate then put on the masking tape. I then painted on another coat of white and let it dry completely to seal the masking before applying the red. I used grey for the counter weights.

For the crossbucks, I simply clipped the ones off the Bachmanns, filed them down and glued them on.

After the paint was done I applied a coat of weather wash followed up by Testors Dull Cote. So there you have it, a pair of crossing signals that literally took all day to paint and install. Was it worth it? Hell yeah! they look fantastic.

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