Tuesday, September 27, 2011

10/11/09 Added another retaining wall and finished with the landscaping

This was yet another thing I’d been dragging my feet on. I originally designed this layout for 360-degree viewing and as such originally intended the Woodland Scenics retaining wall to go behind the town on the backside of the layout but ended up kidnapping it for the lower level industrial area. I needed another one to finish off this last project. So I went to the local Michaels, bought some basswood and built one. For paint I mixed up some poster paint and stirred in some ballast to give it a concert texture followed up by the usually dose of weather wash and Dul Cote. It doesn’t look as good as the WS wall but it does the job. While I had the area accessible I went ahead and covered the remaining exposed foam board with green fine turf followed by spots of yellow fine turf and green coarse turf. I also threw in some Talus for good measure. You’re probably thinking, “Uh what’s the point, nobody’s going to see it.” Well smart-ass this layout my not always be situated against a wall and I want the whole thing to look good.

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