Tuesday, September 27, 2011

7/11/09 Let there be Light

Not sure how well it shows in the photo but all buildings except for two have lights installed. I bought a bag of pre-wired Model Power lights from Hobby Lobby and wired them to a barrier strip installed in the hollow space under the town. Then I ran a pair of feeder wire from said barrier strip to the power supply. The lower level inustrial area got its own barrier strip. While I was at it, I picked up some Chooch Enterprises cast-resin tunnel portals that looked perfect for the upper level tunnel. They’re double track width and should have worked perfectly. Well as per usual “what should have been” and “what actually was” turned out to be two different things. These particular portals have very close clearances and are really best suited for straight-aways, where long cars won’t strike them as they would on a curve. And that’s just what happened when I installed one on a curve. The only solution was to make the opening bigger. So I put a sanding head on my Dremmel and had it. An hour and a whole lot of resin dust later, the portal fit.

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