Wednesday, September 28, 2011

8/16/10 Finished Cornerstones Paragon Heating

I finished my first building, Cornerstone's Paragon Heating. I've been wanting to use this one on a layout since PR&Y. All I can say is wow, what a pain in the ass this thing was to assemble! This is one of Cornerstone's "Modular" kits that can be built a variety of ways. Both side walls required 22, yes 22 individual pieces and that's not counting the windows! It took me several days to get the walls assembled and painted. Off course all those pieces left ample chances to get glue all over everything and I sure took advantage of every one of them. Assembly difficulty aside, there's just no covering up the modular nature of the structure. You have all these odd seems that one wouldn't find on a real building.

Painting helped hide some of the glue shmootz but for the rest of it, it was bring on the weathering. I started by lightly sanding the paint with 600 grit automotive sandpaper, followed by two layers of really heavy weather wash and the chalks and Dulcote. This is supposed to be Appalachia so I think the extra grunginess works. At any rate the next building is going to require a lot less sweat.

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