Tuesday, September 27, 2011

6/30/09 @#$%!

Remember that simple method of rock making I told you about earlier? Well it led to a complete and utter disaster. I read about said method on a layout blog. It consists of slathering plaster onto the surface you want rocks on and then taking a piece of tin foil, wadding it up, re-flattening it and sticking it into the aforementioned plaster. Well it sounded great in theory but my plaster was too viscous and ran everywhere. When I found that the plaster had slopped all over the track despite the masking tape, I almost hit the ceiling. I tell you I was about ready to go shopping for a new hobby. After a trip to the pool to cool down for a while, I spent the rest of the evening chiseling plaster off the tracks and cursing at the walls.

After the initial mess was cleaned up I took another stab at “Slop and foil” rocks. This time I made sure the plaster had the consistency of sour cream. The result was much better.

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