Tuesday, September 27, 2011

9/12/09 A great leap forward

Wow has it really been a whole month since my last entry? Well it’s been a busy month and let’s face it, sometimes it’s more fun to do other things than play with trains. Anyway as you can see by the above photo, I’ve moved the layout into my bedroom; it was too under foot in the living room. I’ve also finished with the turf and the rock formations. With the turf, I first covered all the grassy areas with green “fine turf.” To break up the golf course look I then threw on spots of “burnt grass turf.” Next to model tall grass and underbrush, I applied some “course turf.” I also added some slop & foil rocks over by the depot and to right of the waterfall. I also thought the lower level industrial area needed another building. My choice for the limited amount of space was Cornerstones “Modern Water Tower.” It’s the one that looks like a giant blue baby rattle in the to right corner of the photo.

I have to tell you it’s pretty cool to see you’re two-dimensional track plan develop into in actual layout. Here’s a close-up shot:

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