Wednesday, September 28, 2011

 4/12/10 A new building and more details

 I decided that if the lower level industrial area was going to have a water tower then so should the upper. As luck would have it I came across one of those old Model Power ones with the blinky red light on top. I removed the base, weathered it and stuck on a decal from the Red Wing set to make it look like part of the flower mill.
I also installed my last Gold Medal Models kit, a fire escape for my DPM Corner Apothecary. As with all projects requiring CA, this one turned out to be another total pain in the ass but the results were well worth it.
Remember eight months ago when I though I had my ballast problem licked? Well it turns out I was wrong. I went to clean the track and discovered that none of the upper level ballast along the back of the layout was affixed. Now at the point of complete exasperation with this problem, I coughed up the money for some WS Scenic Cement, the stuff WS actually tells you to use on the stuff and it actually worked. Wow! But that's it for me and WS ballast; I'm never using it again. Not only was it a total pain to work with, it also just doesn't look too realistic. In fact it kind of looks like Bachmann EZ Track. It's too late to change now but next layout, I will most definitely find something more realistic.

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