Tuesday, September 27, 2011

6/16/09 Got my Risers and Started Building the Upper Level

Wow this was a busy day. First off, the lower line is built. I ran into some difficulty with most of the area hobby shops being totally sold out of 11” curves, necessitating the use of flex track in certain areas. As you can see by the above photo, I’ve installed the risers and started mocking up the two upper (red & blue) lines. I always like to test fit the track first to make sure the plan’s going to work before gluing it down. While I was at it, I also drew a rough plan for the layout on the base showing where the mountain, town, river and industrial areas go.

Later that same day:

 The outside upper (red) line is glued down and operational. The maiden run went to my Bachman F9. Now in order to lay track atop these risers, one must first cover them with plaster cloth to cover the flex gaps. Once that’s done I put down Midwest Products cork roadbed followed by the track. The pair of over crossing required a pair of bridges. I opted for Atlas Through Warren Truss Bridge for one and the Plate Girder Bridge for the other. Prior to installation I took said bridges and sprayed them with a coat of Testors Dullcote to kill the plasticy shine. Admittedly I think the truss bridges look cooler than the plate girder bridges but I threw the latter in for variety’s sake.

Even Later that Day:
Finished the inside upper (blue) line. Same procedure here as the other lines. The inaugural run went to my MDT Switcher this time around. I think the double bridges look totally awesome. I also installed a pair of switches connecting the two loops to allow for greater operations potential. If nothing else it give me a place for my Atlas signal tower. I guess the next step is to hook up some freight cars and run some trains!

Trains, they be running:
Look at me running three trains at the same time! By now it’s almost seven o’clock and I’m running out of energy. For my last project of the day, I installed a piece of foam core board for the town and upper-level industrial area. I also started mocking up the town as well as sidings to serve a yet-to-be-determined industry.

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