Wednesday, September 28, 2011

12/15/09 My Problem Child

  I know this layout is supposed to depict the South Carolina up country but, growing up on Long Island, I have a certain affection for the old LI Double R. In that spirit, I order this Atlas LIRR Fairbanks-Morse H16-44. Let me tell you, there are cursed objects in this world and the afore-mentioned locomotive is one of them. First after patiently waiting the three days for the locomotive to ship, I get a package slip in my mailbox. Just my luck the post office isn’t open on the weekends and I have to go out of town on Monday. The next day arrives and there’s another slip waiting for me informing me my package is in the rental office. I get there literally two minutes after closing only to be told “it’s in there on the floor but there’s an alarm, we can’t go back and get it.” Annoying but nothing I can do. I get home early, get the engine, put it on the tracks and it ran for a few minutes then came to a dead stop. I gave it a nudge, nothing. Turned out one of it’s trucks is binding. That was it; I hit the ceiling! I now had a defective engine and no way to return it before my business trip.   

At any rate after a week and a half I still don’t have a running locomotive.
As for my snail-like progress on the layout, like I said, I’ve been busy. But I have been slogging through the utility pole project as much as patience allows.

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