Tuesday, September 27, 2011

10/7/09 Fixed the lower line again

Well this morning I fired up the layout for some much needed playing of choo choos before work and was supremely annoyed that the lower loop was acting up again. I ran a finger over the rails, clean as a whistle. I switched engines, no change. Swithced powerpacks; no change. Then I remembered having a similar problem on PR&Y and it had a simple fix, crimping the rail joiners with pliers. Running short on time and patience, I grabbed my pliers and had at it. That seemed to have fixed the problem, for now anyway. I had thought about using flex track on this layout but didn’t when I saw there weren’t any cost savings and it required a lot of extra work. However after this episode it’s definitely quits for me and sectional track. I’m going with flex the entire way next layout, fewer joints to work loose. Yes it’s extra work but I’ll trade that for not having annoying surprises on down the road.

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