Tuesday, September 27, 2011

10/27/09 The Devil is In The Details

With the serious heavy lifting out of the way vis-à-vis scenery, it’s time to start detailing. It was at this point on PR&Y that my interest in that layout started to peter and I’d already moved on to the next one. But that’s not happening this time around. I’m still enjoying this layout to the fullest.

At any rate with payday still almost a week away, I decided to tackle a few projects that had been waiting in the wings with materials I had on hand. First up, road signs. Nothing special here, just some cheapie Model Power signs that were either in my “big box-o-unused layout stuff” or salvaged from PR&Y.
Also in said box-o-stuff was a NuComp miniatures car kit. I bought it as part of a three-pack. I took two of them and made derelicts to go with the trailer home (hey, this is the south). Anyway I left one as is for whatever reason and when I found it, I decided to assemble it the way NuComp intended. All I did was paint it with some red Testors Enamel and color the windows with a black pen and glue the wheels on. It came out looking pretty good.

I also installed the signs for my Cornerstone Merchants Row kit (the one of the right side of the street). This building is another PR&Y refugee. I have always hated using wet-transfer decals because I’ve always sucked at applying them. However I thought the signs would make a nice bit of detailing, I fished the decals out and had at it. You know what? These things ain’t so tough. The whole trick is to place them right next to the area you want to apply them and gently slide them from the backing to the surface. Trying to peel the off and stick them on will only mangle them. The signs really do add some life to the town.

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