Tuesday, September 27, 2011

10/16/09 Just let your love flow like a mountain stream

Well the water is about 95% done. It’s been a long slow slog too. On the PR&Y I used rubber cement for water. However I always found it stayed sticky and attracted dirt. So for this layout I gave Woodland Scenic’s Realistic Water a try. The stuff sets up completely hard in 24 hours and looks great. The drawback is you can only pour 1/8” at a time or it gets cloudy. Since the base of the lake was uneven, I had to slowly fill in the deepest spots first and then put on two topcoats. In addition, I had to make several passes at the mountain stream as the water simply flowed down the hill and over the waterfall.  As for the waterfall, I used Woodland Scenics Water Effects. You simply squirt this stuff on a non-stick surface, etch in some lines with a toothpick, allow 24 hours for drying and then peal it up and place in on your layout. The stuff dries totally clear and looks quite realistic. I also used this stuff to add rapids to the base of the falls and where the stream dumps into the lake.
 As for the lake, I built a dock out of some basswood strips. I also bought a set of canoers from Woodland Scenics “Scenic Accents” line. They were a little costly at $10 but they do a nice job of completing the scene.
I may add some more rapids to the mountain stream but other than that, the water is done. The water was really the last piece of heavy lifting on this layout. The next project is going to require a lot less time and effort.

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