Tuesday, September 27, 2011

As previously threatened, I got to work installing Woodland Scenics Talus (rock deris). I had two spots in mind for it, the streambed and the bases of the rock formations. First I took on the streambed, which required staining the Talus so it looked like it was at the bottom of said stream. I meant to use raw umber pigment but in my haste grabbed “stone gray” instead. I think it actual wound up being a mistake that worked. I also stained some with a mix of “raw umber” and “yellow ochre” but have yet to install it.

I also took some unstained Talus and placed it at the foot of the rock formations and on the face of the mountain. I’ve yet to fix the stuff in place with the glue spray because I was feeling kind of lazy. Some nights you’ve got and other days you don't.
Above you can see the unstained Talus at the foot of the rock formation.

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