Tuesday, September 27, 2011

9/14/09 Started on the trees

When I dismantled the PR&Y I salvaged as much of it as possible, including a pack of pre-built Woodland Scenics deciduous trees and a pack of pre-frab pines. I set the pines aside for the mountain and set about planting the deciduous trees. At first I agonized of their placement, carefully selecting the right location. That’s when the words of my 10th grade chemistry teacher, Dr. Walters came flooding back. I can almost hear him saying “Nature favors entropy (disorder), scatter the damn things wherever!” Well I always thought there was a “right” way to model entropy but I decided to give the “just stick ‘em on” method a try and the results were amazing. The trees looked good and realistic. However, I clustered them much more densely on this layout and consequently ran out in short order. That being the case I turned my attention to the pines.

When I started unpacking the pine trees I sorted the short ones from the tall. I used the short trees at the top of the mountain and the tall ones from the bottom to about midway up.  This gives the illusion of distance.

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