Tuesday, September 27, 2011

9/23/09 More Trees

As mentioned previously, I broke out the trees I salvaged from PR&Y and his layout did a pretty good job of swallowing them up. In need of more I headed down to Hobby Lobby and priced Woodland Scenics prebuilts vs. the do-it-yourself. The DIYs were $11 cheaper so that’s what I went with. What a long tedious slog that turned out to be. You have to take each tree armature, bend a twist it into something three-dimensional and vaguely resembling a tree, coat it with foam tack glue and then dip it in the desired shade of “clump foliage.” This took me the better part of two hours to accomplish and then another two to get them all planted. The good news is I’m almost done with the trees. The layout could use a few here and there but by and large, the forests look great as they are. That said, I’ve come to the conclusion that building vast swaths of primeval forests is not one of my favorite tasks in model railroading and I hope to keep it to a minimum on the next layout.

Anyway here’s some shots of the nights work:

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