Tuesday, September 27, 2011

11/1/09 weathered the trucks and started detailing the upper level industrial area

Well as tthreatened I went ahead and weathered my Mini Metals tractor-trailers. What an improvement! They went from toy-like to layout-worthy in no time flat. I started out with my usual plan of attack, brush on a coat of weather wash followed by Dullcote. Now about a year ago I’d bought some pastels with the idea of using them fro chalk weathering. I was nervous about it and just tossed them into a box and forgot about them.  But I decided the usual method didn’t leave the trailers looking decrepit enough so I dug out the pastels and had at it. Basically, once you put on the first shot of Dullcote, your take you pastels) brown, black and white) and rub them on some paper to create dust. Brush said dust onto you model. You can go as light or heavy as you want depending on the degree of grunge you’re seeking. When you’re done spray it with another round of Dullcote. Don’t be surprised if that makes some of the pastel disappear however.  I also found a way to place these trucks in which only one is visible at a time depending on the angle at which the layout is viewed.

While I was at Hobby Lobby yesterday I also picked up the “Dock Workers” scenic accents pack and place the figures over on the loading dock at Red Wing Milling. It only took a few guys to complete the scene and I was able to use some of the others over at the warehouse area. Also, I put the one black pickup in the warehouse parking lot and added a Model Power figure from Coverall Paints to complete the scene.

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