Wednesday, September 28, 2011

2/5/10 New structures and more detailing

With an impending snow storm threatening to keep me inside for a while, I ran down to the local hobby shop and bought a few things to keep me busy.

First up, it was Cornerstone’s “Shady Junction Structures. In this package you get a crossing shanty, a water tower and water column and a small shed. I decided to leave them in their stock colors and weather them heavily. First I slathered on the weather wash, followed by dullcote, then chalks and then one last sealer coat of dullcote. 

 I put the crossing shanty over by Red Wing Milling in the upper level industrial area. A small yard area like this would probably have some small structure for a switchman to reside in. I had to trim the base a bit in order for the thing to fit properly. First I tried the old “score and snap” trick with an exacto knife. My penitence for this method quickly waned so I grabbed my dremmel and had at it. I glued the building down with FTG and called it done.

I put the water tower and column down in the lower level industrial area since the lower loop in the only one of the three that my lone steam engine will run on. The shed also went on the lower level.
That’s about it for the shady junction structures but to quote Billy Mayes, “I’m not done yet.”
 I also picked up the Cornerstone Modular “Storage Tanks” kit. What you get is a set of six storage tanks that you can use to compliment your industrial buildings. I painted mine with Testors white and weathered them heavily. I put a few at each industry.

 I put one fence around the empty space over by red wing milling, which makes the town look a lot more credible. I covered the concrete with left-over ballast. Unfortunately Hobby Lobby didn’t have any details in N Scale so I decided to peak over the fence and see what HO had to offer. What I got was a pair of LP Gas tanks that add to the look of the scene. The streetlight in the photo is from Model Power, it’s one of three I put in. I put the other fence around the back yard behind the Oscar Meyer building to give the people barbequing some privacy. You can almost here “Them from a Summer Place” playing in the background.

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