Wednesday, September 28, 2011

4/17/10 Our great national nightmare is over, the industrial sidings are well and truly wired:

Boy am I ever glad to have this particular millstone removed from around my neck. Let me tell you about wiring in general. I don’t much care for it, in fact I kind of hate it. It’s tedious, boring and more often than not requires working in an uncomfortable position. The correct way to do this project would have been to install terminal joiners on the insulated rails for each siding. Unfortunately I didn’t do that. The two dead ends over by Red Wing Milling and Coverall paints were actauly pretty painless. All I did was solder a length of wire to a spare rail joiner and slide it onto the end of the insulated rail. The lower level siding by coverall literally took two seconds. The upper level was more of a challenge, requiring me to thread wires through two layers of foam board. To accomplish this, I punched a hole through each layer with a screwdriver. Then I took a longer and narrower screwdriver and taped the end of the wire to the tip of its blade. This allowed me to thread the wires rather easily.

I wired up both dead ends first and definitely saved the worst for last. The upper level passing siding required me to soldier a wire in situ. If it sounds like a total pain in the ass, that’s because it is! It was painful, but I got it done then wired all three siding to their respective toggle switches and ran screaming for the hills with my sanity barely intact.

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