Tuesday, September 27, 2011

10/31/09 Started experimenting with vehicle placement

I acquired some Mini Metals vehicles today that I’d been eyeing for while. I bought a two-pack of 1953 Ford F-350s and a two-pack of tractor-trailer trucks. Well my original plan was to place the trailer up against the loading dock at Red Wing Milling. Too bad I made the parking lot too small. I test fitted the trailer and it looked really stupid, partially hanging over the grass. I ended up sticking the thing out in the parking lot. This gives the idea that the truck is pulling in (or out for that matter) and sidesteps to width problem. As you can see from the photo I stuck one of the pickups over by the warehouse. I think it looks all right there and will look better once I add people to the scene.That left me with the problem of each of these vehicles having an identical twin. The logical thing to do was put them on the lower level. This worked fine for the pickup. I stuck it next to the lower level switch tower and it fit right in with the scene. The other tractor-trailer on the other hand was more of a problem. The lower level industrial area consists of two buildings, Model Power’s Coverall Paints and a water tower. Unfortunately Coverall doesn’t have nearly enough space available for the truck. There’s just no way to park the thing. I’m not sweating that too much because Coverall does have a siding and can be a strictly rail-served industry.  As for the truck, I’m playing around with placing it on the upper level.
I haven’t affixed these things yet because I want to play around with them further before placing them permanently. In addition they look just a little too shiny and new to be realistic so they will have to be weathered a bit first. Weathering should also help break up the “identical twin” problem too.

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