Friday, September 30, 2011

6/17/11 More Trees for Mt. Madness

When I first put trees on the mountain, I stuck to Woodland Scenics pine trees. Then it dawned on me that in South Carolina, even the tallest mountains have deciduous trees all the way to the top. So I bought a WS tree kit and went to work.

Now assembling these trees isn't easy. In fact it's kind of a big pain in the ass. It involves taking flat plastic armatures and bending them into something that more or less looks like a tree. The you slather on the glue and dip it in a bag of "clump foliage (ground-up nerf in varying shades of green)." Yes it's a long, tedious, messy slog. To save myself some effort and enhance realism I added a few armatures sans foliage to simulate dead trees.

Complaints aside, I think Mount Madness turned out pretty good. It looks more like South Carolina and less like Oregon.

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