Wednesday, September 28, 2011

8/19/10 Finished Cornerstone's Stateline Farm Supply

Well okay I didn't really "finish" this building as I ran out of Dullcote and neglected to pick up another can. This kit started off easy enough, I glued the four walls to the base and the cooperated by staying in place. But that's where the easy part ended. The front facade has all these practically microscopic little toppers to be glued on. Of course I managed to get tons of glue shmootz all over the place. Next I sprayed the building with a coat of Testors' "Flat light aircraft gray," which makes for a nice concrete color. Unfortunately some of the paint bubbled up. I wet sanded the bubbled paint and applied two coats of thick weather wash. That turned out to be overkill as the building now looks almost black. I may wet sand it some more to clean it up a bit.

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