Tuesday, September 27, 2011

9/29/09 Let there be (more) light:

The day started off with a simple project, installing a Model Power three-light signal on the lower loop. I’d salvaged it from the PR&Y where I’d used it as a power indicator for the block control system and as such removed the sector switch from it. However this layout lacks such a control system but I had saved the switch and soldered it back on. This allows me to change bulbs based on which way the train is running or if one burns out. However said switch is huge. I cut out a ½” square out of the layout base and the thing wouldn’t fit through. After trying in vein to get the switch and wires through base I reversed things and fed the signal up through the base and replaced the square of foam I took out.  I glued the switch to the underside of the layout for quick access. I then wired it to the barrier strip for the lower level industrial area. As you can see from the photo, it’s a little bright, but I like it and I may have to install a bit more.

While I was in wiring mode, I thought I’d go ahead and wire up the industrial sidings. In service of that goal I ventured off to Hobby Lobby for a 8 ½” x 11” piece of foam core board for a control panel. Well Hobby Lobby didn’t have anything remotely useable in that department but they did have a 30% of special on they train stuff. That meant the Model Power streetlights I sort of liked but didn’t want to pay $10 for were marked down. I snapped them up along with some Woodland Scenics Talus. These are the modern highway style lights and I thought they would look great in the upper level industrial area. Nothing special in regards to installation here but the results were astounding.
They just totally complete the scene, even when not lit. Kudos to Model Power for making something so awesome. In case you were wondering, I never did get around to wiring up those sidings. I can only stomach so much wiring per day. Plus I’ve realized it’s not quite as simple as I thought.

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